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  • YF

    Hey Ereen, really really proud of you!

    Nobody can beat your passion and love for the arts. SH cards are not just our normal cards but the creation of love and sincerity from the bottom of one’s heart. Kudos to you and your team!

    P.S Like your new webby :)

  • Dennis Ng

    Dear Ereen, your cards look great! Anyone can easily tell that a lot of effort and time have been put into making the cards! Every individual card is unique on its own and it’s totally worth every penny it costs!

    We’ll will always be behind you! You go girl! :)

  • Marie Lee

    Love the designs since Day 1. I have been a giver and recipient of SH cards before and the experience is always unique and heartwarming.
    Rather than buying off the shelves, SH offers a personalised alternative that is always straight from the heart.
    Tugging the heart strings and stirring all warm feelings from within indeed.

  • Angelina Leong

    My wedding invitation cards made by Stirring Hearts are the sweetest and the loveliest! I love it so much, im keeping a stack for myself! The materials used are really nice and you can also see there’s alot of “heart” & “hard” work put into making these cards. I must say it is definitely a job well done! Thank you Ereen! :)

  • davy

    Hey Ereen,
    Great job with the cards.
    The new entries are esp good, hope to see more of them soon.
    Seems like you got a great variety of designers each w their own great styles. Looking forward to many more cool designs (maybe something more ‘masculine’?).B-)
    too bad got no cash on hand, hahaha. will buy for my buddies’ bdays.
    thanks lots

  • Joneleth

    I visited Ereen at the Singapore Arts Fest and browsed her cards on sale. Even though i dont have a girlfriend, after taking a look at her cards, i couldnt resist buying 2 of them in preparation for the future! (Like whenever)

  • David

    Ereen, you are a successful entrepreneur in the making. Your passion is evident and the quality is high. Let me know when you want to expand. Serious investor here :)

  • Gideon Ren

    I am encouraged by SH’s growth from a blogshop into a registered biz now! Awesome! With the creativity from she and her team, they have come a long way!

    Keep it going SH! The cards are so lovely! They are not your conventional cards and they carry a lot of meanings that can only be
    felt by the recipient.

    Truth was: I was reluctant to give it away to the friend and I got the card myself! Haha!

  • Vani

    hey gud work ! all the best to stirringhearts team ! anyway i was a customer here too. hope to see more things over here.. i appreciate ur creativity. its AWESOME !

  • Kevin T.

    All the best to the Stirring Hearts Team!