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  • Kunalan

    The customized guestbook is beautiful & I love it.. Thank you very much..

  • Cheryl Wong

    I had such a wonderful time making these cards with the children. It was a heartwarming experience to see the joy & excitement on their faces. It was great knowing that we didn’t just help to contribute to their skills set but we also made them happy. They were all so proud of their work. A rewarding project nonetheless. I would definitely do this again. 

  • Anthony Chew Han Kiong, SP Alumni

    A good chance to bond with my son at the same time learn something new and simple yet meaningful!

  • Gideon Ren, SP Alumni

    Ereen was such a captivating facilitator! The workshop was fun and the instructions were easy to follow! She will impart her passion of being personal.

  • Serena Tan, SP Alumni

    Interesting session and i felt so warm and satisfying with the cards made.

  • Grace leong, SP Alumni

    Fun and interesting. Learn simple technique and can make wonders to an ordinary card to share love, joy and happiness. Thanks!

  • Lim Lee Ling, SP Alumni

    We have so much fun doing the cards together. Great bonding. Simply enjoyable and loving it. 

  • Siew Hua, SP Alumni

    The cardmaking is really fun and interesting! I have learnt a lot throughout this session. Such as deciding which is the centre of attraction to make the card outstanding. Also, by brushing the border with brown ink could actually create a retro effect!

  • Toe Lizhen, SP Alumni

    I enjoy this session a lot, as i manage to know tips of making the card. Thank you very much. =) I appreciate it a lot =)

  • Kee Lishan Sheena, SP Alumni

    It’s a wonderful workshop. Great get-together for corporate in future.