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  • Spotlight on the Team:
    Ereen Toh, Founder


    1. How did the idea of the business first come about?

    With a dream to run my own business especially in the area of my passion, card-making, I created Stirring Hearts. Instead of a generic mass-printed greeting card, I personally felt that a handmade and personalized card carries more sincerity and warmth. However, many cannot find time to create their own cards or find it difficult to design one. This is where we fill in the gap. As the company grew, we expanded our work to include handmade gifts, corporate design services, wedding stationery & decor, DIY crafts workshops and the “Cards with a Heart” initiative.

    2. Were you always interested in hand crafts since you were young, or it was something that you got into, as you grew older?

    I was interested in a few areas and crafts was one of the areas I managed to develop. When scrapbooking was new in Singapore some years back, I made my first few cards. I learnt a lot along the way.

    3. So, what were your dreams/expectations for the business when you first started out?

    Starting from ground zero, my dream was simply to make it a sustainable business.

    4. Any difficulties or experiences that you can share with our readers?

    During the initial phase, the key challenge was raising seed capital for the business. When I received a funding grant of $50,000 from SPRING Singapore, I was overjoyed as it gave us a headstart. After the business set-up was in place, the next challenge was to take care of all the different areas including design, production, sales and marketing, manpower, accounting, etc. It was a steep learning curve especially in some areas, and there were many sacrifices made in personal time. During that time, a quote by Newt Gingrich kept me going:

    “Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”

    Sometimes it takes a long journey before you reach your goal but you have to just keep walking, and even when you thought you’ve reached the destination, it is probably the beginning of another journey.

    5. Tell us more about the company name ‘Stirring Hearts’, and your tagline ‘Creating Heartwarming Moments’

    I brainstormed a couple of names back then. In the end, I decided on “Stirring Hearts” because it says what I hope to do best, to positively stir a person’s heart. How do you feel when someone sends you a card handwritten with his or her wishes? It can be a happy moment of celebration, a cheerful encouragement when you’re feeling down, a reminder of how much he or she loves you, an appreciation for your good work and more. Our greeting cards are a channel that will hold these priceless thoughts. As such, I would like every card to be beautifully made, unique and something lasting to be kept for a long time to come. With a Stirring Hearts card and the final touch of the sender, we take pride in coming alongside to create heartwarming moments.

    6. What are your plans in the future for the business? What changes can we expect to see?

    Some of my next steps are to:

    i.         Increase collaboration with Voluntary and Welfare Organisations (VWOs) and organizations/companies to achieve greater social impact through card-making projects for a good cause;

    ii.        Open up employment opportunities in Stirring Hearts to the disadvantaged group with competitive wages and training; and

    iii.       Strengthen the team by bringing on board people with the expertise to develop the business in the areas of design and marketing.

  • Designer’s Inspiration – A Note From Vanesssa

    Hello, friends of Stirring Hearts!

    Hasn’t it been exciting to see how SH has blossomed in the last few months?

    I’ve been privileged to be a designer and production team supervisor for SH. Working with the other team members has been a learning experience for me in so many ways; I always find Ereen and Alison ready to assist and advise me at all times. :)In this post, I hope to give you a glimpse of my style of crafting, what inspires me, and what I wish to transmit to you, a giver or recipient of an SH handmade card.

    First of all, I can’t completely classify my card style into one single category. My preferred avenue of designing is shabby-vintage (I haven’t mastered it yet!) but I’m open to working with other styles such as cutesy or clean-and-simple.

    Sometimes it really depends on who I have in mind when I work on a design. For men, I simply can’t create a shabby-vintage look, what with ribbon, rosebuds, and pink. They need a simple, solid design with a straightforward sentiment. However, I have plenty of fun creating cards for all ladies and girls. After all, I am one myself!

    From what I’ve shared about my style, maybe you can already guess what inspires me – all things soft and a little rustic. I usually collect ideas from photos; sometimes it just takes a snapshot of a bouquet or a color-themed web-page to set the wheels in my head turning. On other occasions, I’m inspired when, after a long hiatus, I return to my crafting space. When I open the drawers, the rolls of ribbon and shades of ink always refresh my creating streak in some unique way.

    On the other hand, what does not inspire me is a MESSY crafting space. It takes time to clean up after each project, but it’s worth the effort, as I can work much more swiftly on each design when my corner is neat.

    Often in the midst of my designing, I have to criticize my own work, as I have all of you – givers and recipients of Stirring Hearts cards – in mind. I look at each design from the viewpoint of the consumer. This goes for our rather rigorous quality checks on each item too – if I wouldn’t buy it in *this* (whatever) condition, then I’m not going to expect you to buy it either. As a result, I can say that every design and each single card SH turns out is of the best quality. You can trust Stirring Hearts :)…

    Beyond this, I also hope that those who purchase and send our handmade cards will feel the heart of our work. We hope to help you be a blessing to others. And for those of you who found out about us through the generous giving of another, we hope you received that blessing, both from your friend or loved one who sent you the card, as well as from the Stirring Hearts team.

    Thank you all for your support as we work for the progress of SH. We’re greatly heartened by your words of encouragement.

    Do keep up with the latest developments around here as we have several new projects (cards AND more!) in the works just for you!

    Sincerely yours,

  • Welcome to our new website!

    Dear you,

    Thank you for visiting our online store. We have just launched the brand new look of our website today and you are one of the first few to view the site. From the beginnings of a blogshop, to a static website, to an online store, we’re glad to bring you new features (e.g. e-shopping cart, Dedication Board) and greater aesthetics to improve your shopping experience.

    Stirring Hearts is our passion, and we strive to present our best in every aspect of this business. This website is made possible with the good work of the Digital Mohawk team, with special mention to Karlo Estrada & Tanya, whom have been one of the best web developers we have worked with. On a side note, I was impressed at their efficiency, and how they managed to get the website theme right in just one attempt (beautiful, dont you think?) Kudos to both of you. :)

    In addition, thanks to Vanessa & Alison who helped in the preparation of the content for the website. Though there were times we were exhausted, all of us persevered to reach the goal.

    All of these effort, just so we can present the very best to you. We hope you’d enjoy shopping at our online store!

    Ereen Toh