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  • “Cards with A Heart” Workshop – Agora & Bishan Home
    3 Dec 2014, Wednesday

    We first introduced the “Cards with a Heart” workshop in 2011, with a simple purpose – to bridge corporates who wish to do good with our partner beneficiaries.

    Through the structured sessions, we contribute our expertise in designing the workshop programme, produce quality designs to suit corporate needs, and take care of materials and logistics. With the operational part resolved, it lessens burden on our partner Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), and increases confidence of our corporate client by ensuring the professional running of the workshop and quality greeting cards produced.

    Till date, we have run 25 “Cards with a Heart” workshops attended by more than 130 physically or intellectually disabled beneficiaries, involving 370 staff volunteers from various organisations such as KS Energy Group, DBS Bank, Li & Fung, ibn.com and AGORA.

    During the workshops, companies involve staff as volunteers and co-produce cards together with beneficiaries under the facilitation of Stirring Hearts. The meaningful exchanges that take place during the workshops, more often than not, go a long way.

    It is a time where volunteers interact directly with persons with special needs, better understand the challenges that they face, and find out more about how they can support the Voluntary Welfare Organisation in their initiatives.

    We will share more about the “Cards with a Heart” workshop for Agora & Bishan Home run on 3 Dec 2014 (Wednesday) in this post.

    Every workshop, two new designs are produced according to the requested theme. In addition to aesthetic design, we tailor the steps and difficulty level of the workshop to suit the profile of the beneficiaries. Here are our special designs specially created for Chinese New Year 2015. To suit the look and feel that we are looking for, our Designer, Cheng Yee, even got her father to write a nice calligraphy for the Chinese words!

    1The set of two Chinese New Year greeting card designs

    Ereen, our crafts instructor for the day, showing the “behind-the-scene” of the card designs to the workshop participants. Next to her is Siew Mui, one of the members from Bishan Home. During the past few workshops, Siew Mui progressed very quickly and is very good with the cards. As such, Ereen asked Siew Mui to be her co-trainer for the day. She seem to enjoy her new found role!

    Steve, one of our most inspiring friends. Due to his condition, he has limited pyschomotor skills, but he is in no way limited in his desire to contribute. Together with volunteer Pastor Quek, he completes the finishing touches by using his chin.


    Steve, and his completed card. Whoever buys the card you made will be so blessed indeed! We shared a laugh together when both Pastor Quek and Steve had a hard time placing the characters 迎春接福 in the correct sequence, as they were not familiar with the characters. We hope you still remember now, may come in handy during Chinese New Year!

    Another member, Ah Geok, trying to apply glue on to the card. Despite her hand condition, it is heartening to see how patient and hardworking she was… not giving up halfway through the process, even though it was not as easy for her.


    We love their smile!

    The workshop is held at Emmanuel Bible-Presbyterian Church @ 1 Penimpin. Members from Bishan Home are shuttled via bus to and from the venue.

    A picture of the completed cards. In addition to covering the workshop fees, Agora sells the completed cards, where sales proceeds go to Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled to serve members.

    A group picture including a volunteer, our folks from Stirring Hearts; Lee Ling, Lee Cheng and Ereen, as well as Steve.

    We hope that the above sharing gives you a better idea of the “Cards with a Heart” workshop, and perhaps even a dose of inspiration from our friends at Bishan Home.

    If you would like to make a difference and kickstart this initative too, please do get in touch with us at handmade@stirringhearts.com.sg or call 9896 9808 for a discussion. We regularly update the “Cards with a Heart” facebook page here, do “like” us to stay connected!

    To find out more about Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled, please visit their website here.

    Thank you for reading our blog update. =)

    With love,
    Stirring Hearts Team


  • “Cards with A Heart” Workshop – KS Energy Group & Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore
    12 Oct 2013, Saturday

    It was my first time attending a Cards With A Heart workshop as I am still new with Stirring Hearts. I arrived at Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore), MDAS at 10am to familiarize myself with the place since I was assigned as the photographer/videographer for the day.

    About 15 minutes past 10am, both staff from KS Energy Group and members from MDAS started coming in and filling up the activity room. Without further ado, Ereen told everyone to settle down so we could get started with the workshop. The opening of the workshop was a video to explain what Muscular Dystrophy was about and it helped me understand the condition better. After the video, Ereen went on to explain what the workshop was about to first timers like myself before giving instructions to make the cards. Lee Ling was around to help facilitate the workshop. She distributed the DIY packs and you could see the excitement in everyone’s eyes. The first card design they had to assemble were for the ladies.


    It did not take long for the staff of KS Energy Group and the members of MDAS to get acquainted and the atmosphere was filled with laughter and chatter. Once they were done, the back of the envelopes which hold the cards would be signed by the beneficiaries to give that personal touch. The cards are then taken back by KS Energy Group to give out to their staff on their birthday. After the completion of the first card, we were all treated to refreshments before continuing.

    After the short break, everyone was ready for the next card. The staff from KS Energy Group had to swap places with each other so they get to interact with the other members of MDAS. The energy level did not drop at all. They all cooperated and coordinated so well it was a joy to watch.


    At the end of the workshop, although I only went around to snap pictures, I felt happy and fulfilled. I was glad I woke up extra early on a Saturday to attend the workshop. Given the opportunity, I would love to attend future Cards With A Heart workshops.

    Aqilah Yunus
    Staff Volunteer

  • Have you heard about the 30-hour famine camp? Organised by World Vision Singapore, it is an initiative to raise awareness and encourage anyone who would like to do their part to help the impoverished under their care. Our intern, Valerie Ho, attended the camp and we are glad to convince her to share with us her thoughts through this blog post!

    I thought it was impossible to not consume food for 30 hours, but all of us did. After going through 30 hours of famine, I believe every single participant have learnt valuable lessons, and in fact, lessons that cannot be learnt through textbooks.

    We have always taken things for granted, for we live a comfortable life in Singapore. Through this camp, participants were able to experience how a child in a third world country, like India, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Africa, live.

    Campers were required to survive 3 years in this ‘village’ and in order to survive, everyone in the family have to get 1 food card, 3 water purification cards and be free of diseases. Games were played in order to obtain the cards, and these games aim to simulate activities that were done in these countries. For instance, there were fishing and farming games, which require physical strength.

    Through these games, campers get to realise how tough it is to get food and clean water in these countries. They were also required to build a shelter for their family using cardboard boxes. The vulnerability of this shelter represents the houses of those living in third world countries. Any earthquakes or thunderstorm will just destroy their shelters.

    I feel very fortunate to be living in Singapore, having a safe and stable life, with a good education system, and clean water supply. People in the third world countries will be so willing to exchange their problems with us. Following the tagline of this camp, I will, I can, I change, I believe every single one of us can be a changemaker.

    We can be the change we want to see in the world.

    I’ve learnt to not take things for granted and appreciate whatever we have, for there are many others who do not even have their basic needs fulfilled.

    Thank you for reading!


    Thanks Valerie for the blog post! If you are keen to find out more about World Vision’s initiatives, click here. Once again, thank you for reading.