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The Cards With A Heart Initiative was introduced with a simple objective – to bridge corporates who wish to do good with our partner beneficiaries.

By matching companies who wish to increase their CSR footprint with Voluntary Welfare Organisations, Stirring Hearts facilitates corporate engagement with the community through our craft workshops.

It is heartening that our corporate partners have often moved beyond the workshops to provide direct donations, organising events and promoting staff volunteerism within the companies.

During the “Cards with a Heart” workshops, Stirring Hearts contribute our expertise in designing the workshop programme, produce quality designs to suit corporate needs, and take care of materials and logistics. With the operational part resolved, it lessens burden on our partner Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), and provides assurance for our corporate client on the professional running of the workshop with quality greeting cards produced.

Up to 2016, we have run 40 “Cards with a Heart” workshops attended by more than 130 physically or intellectually disabled beneficiaries, involving more than 400 staff volunteers from various organisations such as KS Energy Group, DBS Bank, Li & Fung, and AGORA.

During the workshops, companies involve staff as volunteers and co-produce cards together with beneficiaries under the facilitation of Stirring Hearts. The meaningful exchanges that take place during the workshops, more often than not, go a long way.

When you embark on a “Cards with a Heart” workshops, you can increase your CSR footprint through the following:

  1. Provide an engaging platform to promote staff volunteerism.
  2. Help staff to better understand and embrace the conditions that members face, such as Intellectual Disability, Muscular Dystrophy, Physical Disabilities, Autism or any other conditions, and how to respond to persons with special needs, as advised by trained coaches. With greater awareness and understanding, comes greater social integration.
  3. Help staff learn more about our partner Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), their initiatives and how they can be a part of it.
  4. Promote interaction between staff and beneficiaries in the process of card-making, and learning of craft-related skills that may come in useful for vocational purposes.
  5. Share the spirit of community giving, when you send the completed cards to stakeholders, which carry the meaningful project background on every card. The occasion on the cards can be specially designed for birthdays, thank you, Christmas and so on.

In line with our social mission, Stirring Hearts donates 20% of all workshop proceeds to our partner beneficiaries, which may be used to further their social mission or allocated to beneficiaries as allowances.

Our Vision & Mission

Stirring Hearts’ vision is to be an impactful social enterprise that touches lives through heartwarming moments. What is a social enterprise? It is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders.

Our mission is to create heartwarming moments for our 2 Key stakeholders:

  1. Customers – whose days are brightened, through quality handmade cards and gifts, as well as DIY workshops;
  2. Marginalised Groups – whose lives are enriched through training and employment.

Our VWO Partners

Stirring Hearts partners selected Voluntary Welfare Organisations including Touch Community Services, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled, Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore and Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled for the Cards With A Heart Initiative. We are also a member of the Social Enterprise Association and Singapore Compact.

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Objectives & Benefits

One of the key objectives of these workshops is to provide a platform for staff to interact with the beneficiaries, while working together to co-produce cards. In the case of the Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS) (physically disability), staff would partner the beneficiary and assist in the more difficult steps (e.g. the removal of smaller pieces of foam tapes used during the card-making, as due to the beneficiary’s muscle degeneration condition, it is difficult for them to attempt this task).

 “The birthday card making sessions were a fantastic and fun experience as I enjoyed the company from the fun-loving and friendly staff from KS Energy. It was quite an interesting experience for me to hand make the cards since I got to work together with the staff to try to do as many cards as possible. The lively interaction ongoing during the sessions was the most memorable of all

Oh Boon Keng, Member, MDAS

For Movement for the Intellectually Disabled (MINDS) (intellectual disability), it provides a platform for the members to learn about social ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s and connect with people from the industry, which is useful to prepare them to better integrate into the society. During the workshop, should they find difficulty following the steps, the volunteers are there to assist them.


I get to experience hand making cards with my friends and interact with employees of KS Energy. It also gives me the sense of accomplishment after finishing a card. It makes me feel happy knowing that someone will be receiving the cards that I made

Wesley Tan, Member, MDAS

As all the cards made would follow specific designs that are tailored for the client, the volunteers would assist in ensuring that most cards are made in a similar fashion.

It is totally up to your company if you would like to use the completed cards for corporate purposes, give it to staff as a keepsake, or to donate it to the VWO for fund-raising purposes.


How To Get Started

We typically work closely with HR, CSR or Corporate Comms Department. The diagram below summarises our typical planning process:


As soon as we receive your confirmation on the workshop, we will proceed to design 2 greeting cards according to your requirements. The workshop material packs will then be prepared according to the difficulty level suited for different profiles. The workshop venue will be set-up by the trainer and facilitator, who will also be guiding and assisting you step-by-step during the workshop. They will also perform quality checks for the cards produced, and do any rectification if required.

There will be 1 trainer and 1 facilitator at the workshop. If the venue allows, we would recommend a staff to beneficiary ratio of 1:1. The minimum to run the workshop is 15 staff.


If we are working with a physically disabled beneficiary, do note that we will recommend holding it at their venue due to limited accessibility options. Alternatively, if chartering of transport is available at no cost to them, it might be possible to hold it at a venue of your choice. Do note that the venue would need to be wheelchair-friendly.

For other beneficiaries, we should be able to arrange for the workshop at your chosen venue. Chartering of transport may also be required to send the beneficiary to the venue.

We would require a setup consisting of tables and chairs. If the class size is above 30pax, it would be good if we can have a projector and screen facility to better project the card-making instructions. Some corporate clients also provide meals, refreshments, door gifts or other fringe activities out of goodwill.

Workshop Schedule

A session typically lasts up to 2 hours. If there are additional DIY packs involved, it may extend by another hour. Workshop dates are subject to the availability of your volunteers, as well as the beneficiary group. We usually recommend weekdays, but if weekends are preferred, we would recommend Saturday mornings or early afternoons. However, from our experience, do note that holding it on a weekend may affect volunteer participation. Stirring Hearts will accommodate the schedule wherever possible, otherwise, we will advise accordingly.


“The workshop has been a great success! It was well organized and the instructors were very clear and patient when giving instructions to make the cards while providing insightful information on the various techniques used. The birthday cards are also of high quality and well designed to cater to our needs. Thank you very much for the enjoyable session and we look forward to working with you again!”

Ms.  Rebecca Lian, Group HR Director, KS Energy

Workshop Fees & Enquiries

The workshop fees are charged based on the number of staff attending, as well as the number of DIY packs required.

For enquiries on the Cards With A Heart Initiative, as well as for more information on our fees, please email us at: