Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Transport Card Stickers

(1) Are there any discounts if I buy in bulk?

Yes. Please refer to the following rates.

2-49pcs @ $4.90 each

50-99pcs @ $4.00 each

100-149pcs @ $3.20 each

150-199pcs @ $2.80 each

200-299pcs @ $2.60 each

300pcs onwards @ $2.50 each


(2) How long does it take to process my order?

Upon confirmation of artwork & payment:

Below 150pcs – 3 to 7 working days

150-300pcs – 7 to 14 working days

350pcs onwards – 14 to 21 working days

For urgent orders, we would recommend opting for Expressmail (to Letterbox) during check out process.


(3) Do you provide artwork design?

Yes. Custom artwork design is available at a one-time design cost of $150. 2 design layouts will be provided and for the selected layout, up to max 3 rounds of change requests are provided. Thereafter, it will be at $25 per additional change request. Our lead time to provide the first two design layouts is 2 weeks.

Please refer below for a sample of our custom artwork design. It can include a custom text, event or brand logo and your preferred colour scheme.

Sample Artwork Design


(4) How many different designs can I use?

For orders below 50pcs, every image can be different.

For discounted rates shown for bulk orders above 50pcs, it is based on 1 different image per 50pcs. For example, an order of 100pcs can comprise of 2 different images and so on. However, if every sticker is required to be individually different (e.g. due to serial code or name customisation), please contact us for a custom quote.


(5) What format of the image should I provide?

The artwork should be preferably be in jpg format, dimension ratio of 86:54 and min. resolution of 72 pixel/inch and above. Do provide us your highest resolution artwork possible. Please do not send us in Word, Excel or Powerpoint format. For large files above 10MB, we will recommend sending your file via

Do note that slight cropping of image might be necessary to fit the sticker size. An artwork preview will be sent to you for confirmation before print. Customers are to be responsible for the use and ownership of images provided to Stirring Hearts.


(6) Is this a sticker or card?

This is a sticker. Please refer below to view how it looks like before and after pasting onto your card. The additional white strips at the top and bottom are part of the sticker backing to assist your pasting process, and will not appear after pasting.

Before Pasting After Pasting


(7) Is the sticker base transparent or opaque?

The sticker base is opaque and white colour by default. Thus, if you provide an artwork file with transparent background, any transparent spaces will be white by default. This works well for most users as the standard transport card typically has some default design on it. Thus, after pasting your custom sticker, the original card background cannot no longer be seen.


(8) How do I paste the sticker?

Please refer to the following tips for the pasting of the sticker.

1. Clean the card you’d be sticking on with a piece of tissue paper or cloth. Do so under good lighting so you can spot and remove dust particles.

2. Peel off a small part of the card sticker. (Do not peel off the entire piece. This will allow you to handle it easily and position is carefully without damaging the adhesive. Avoid touching the adhesive side after exposing it.)

3. Align the sticker to your card.

4. Only stick/ press one corner or edge onto the card. Do not press the rest on.

5. With one corner of the sticker on the card, peel off 3mm of the sticker and use your finger to press the exposed part onto the card. Peel off another 3mm and use your finger to press the exposed part onto the card again.

6. Repeat this until you finish sticking the entire piece of sticker.

7. Do take note of the bubbles that might form in the process of sticking. Remove them before putting the entire sticker on.

8. If your sticker was not well aligned and comes out at the sides, cut them away by using a sharp pen knife.

Note: As the sticker is very sticky, we do not suggest peeling it off again once it has been stuck on as it may otherwise be wrinkled.


(9) Do you offer sticker pasting services?



(10) Do you sell EZ Link cards?

We do not sell EZ Link cards. You will need to purchase the cards from authorised EZ Link card dealers and pass the cards to us for pasting. FYI, retail stores sell EZ Link cards with min.  stored value of $5 and card cost of $5.


(11) What are the payment modes?

The payment terms is 100% upon order confirmation. Please note that orders are processed only upon payment. Payment modes include Online Banking, ATM Transfer or Paypal.

The information are as follows:

Internet Banking/ ATM Transfer
DBS Current Account
Name: Stirring Hearts Pte. Ltd.
Account No.: 010-904513-9

To utilise Paypal transactions, please place an order via the online store.


We hope the above information is useful for you. For further assistance, feel free to contact us at 9896 9808. Thank you for choosing Stirring Hearts!